Brad Gaynor

National President - ACPPA
APPA Board
National Advisory Council
Association: Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association (ACPPA)
School: Holy Spirit Primary School,
Nicholls, Australian Capital Territory

Brad Gaynor is currently Principal of Holy Spirit Primary School & Early Learning Centre, Nicholls in Canberra. Brad has worked in a range of small and large schools cross Canberra. Brad has been involved with the Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association (ACPPA) for over 8 years and is also a Board Director for the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA).

Brad has particular interests in a wide variety of educational issues. Brad has qualifications in Education Leadership, Inclusive Education and Education Law. Brad has a strong background in policy, curriculum and is an advocate for principal and staff wellbeing. Information Communication Technology and its integration into the classroom is another passion. He is enthusiastic about Literacy and Numeracy and sees them as the core business for all schools. Another area of interest is student directed learning that sees the student fully engaged in the learning and teaching process. Brad is currently heavily interested in a school’s capacity to address engagement of vulnerable and traumatised students and is gaining qualifications in professional coaching.