APPA Life Member

Congratulations Graeme Feeney- Awarded APPA Life Member 16.02.2021

Graeme Feeney has served APPA with distinction as Independent Primary Schools Heads Association representative on committees, National Executive, and National Advisory Council. Graeme currently holds the position of Executive Officer for APPA – a role in which his enormous knowledge, skill and experience as an educator aligns with his deep connection with the profession in NSW and nationally.

Graeme has been committed to building the capacity of APPA at national level. He has provided expert and considered advice on the development of the Australian Curriculum, national testing, principal health and wellbeing and a vast array of APPA policies. Graeme’s counsel is always offered in the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity. He has worked assiduously to improve the status of the principalship through recognition of the work and high-level professional learning.

Graeme’s influential voice has been heard at a range of national forums, conferences and meetings where he has contributed most positively to the standing of the profession.

Graeme is the recipient of the IPSHA Fellowship Award (2014) and the John Laing Award (2016) in recognition of his contribution to professional learning.