APPA Life Member

Congratulations Phil Seymour – Awarded APPA Life Member 16.02.2021

Phil Seymour’s commitment to APPA exemplifies the characteristics of a thoroughly deserving Life Member.

Phil contributed to APPA as a delegate from AGPPA for many years and became Deputy President of APPA in January 2015 – a position he held until late 2020.

APPA thanks Phil for his strongly expressed commitment to the APPA purposes of high-level advocacy for primary school leadership and the very best outcomes for Australian children.  He has been indefatigable in his support for appropriate, equitable resourcing so that principals everywhere can lead the development of all Australian children towards healthy, happy lives and as contributors to a thriving nation.

As Deputy President of APPA Phil provided loyal and insightful support to two presidents and the highest calibre leadership of the association in informal and formal contexts. His deeply respected knowledge, skill and experience have been wonderful assets. His capacity to find the right tone amidst the challenges of education mean that he has left the profession with the respect of all and including state and federal political representatives and the media.

Phil will always be known as a warm, engaging, loyal and endlessly positive professional of the highest calibre and deservedly takes his place as an APPA life member.