APPA Life Member

Congratulations Mark Mowbray- Awarded APPA Life member 16.02.2021

Mark Mowbray has been a distinguished servant of the Australian Primary Principals Association having represented the Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association as president and for many years served on APPA’s National Advisory Council and Board.

Mark has been an indefatigable advocate for the objects of APPA. He has been a highly collaborative and collegial figure who has embodied the sense of friendship and the high levels of trust which underpin our association

Mark has contributed to APPA’s standing in the education community through his outstanding knowledge, skill and experience as a teacher, principal and representative and his capacity to communicate between APPA and its ACPPA constituents. He is known for his deep thoughtfulness, compassion and absolute commitment to the best possible outcomes for all children. In particular, Mark has provided clear perspective and advocacy regarding education for indigenous Australians and the movement for reconciliation.

Mark continues to serve Australian education as a member of the Board of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership