Responding to Self-Harm in the Primary School Setting

Over the past few months, Be You have undertaken several meetings with schools and stakeholders across the country regarding the various challenges school leaders, staff and students are facing on a daily basis.

A key theme coming through in these discussions has been the increased reported incidents of student’s self-harming in the primary school setting and, as a result of this, the Be You Team have developed a session aimed at supporting school staff in responding to such instances.

In this 90 minute-session, developed for school leaders and wellbeing teams, our Be You Team, led by Ruth Jones (Acting National Clinical Manager) and Jen Berthold (Be You Clinical Lead), will discuss the concept of responding to student self-harm in the primary school context. Whilst the focus of the session will be responding to students and identifying supports, there will also be helpful strategies provided for school leaders and wellbeing teams to ensure they are caring for themselves and each other.

As part of the session, our expert facilitators will:

  • Share understandings of self-harm in the primary context
  • The Mental Health Continuum (including the “Window of Tolerance”)
  • Student self-regulation
  • Discuss and build understanding of the NIP Framework (Notice, Inquire, Provide)
  • Identify mental health services that can assist
  • Discuss the importance of Educator Wellbeing
  • Provide guidance on Be You Resources to assist schools

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