Hats off, to teachers, on World Teachers’ Day, 2023


Happy World Teachers Day 2023, to teachers; the original influencers.

That you are influential is not by accident.  You are highly credentialled, skilled professionals that embrace the joy of lifelong learning.

As your student’s needs change you do too, finding new ways to engage, inspire and amaze children and young people. You awaken curiosity and help students to be courageous in their learning.

I commenced teaching in 1983, inspired to the profession by the extraordinary teachers I benefitted from during my schooling in the Barossa Valley.

I have been privileged to spend 40 years in this marvellous profession. In that time, I have been inspired by and grateful for my teaching colleagues. They have mentored, shared ideas,  motivated and even consoled along the journey.

Teachers provide relational glue in communities and in the staff teams that make magic happen in our schools.  Teachers are role models for lifelong learning, fostering in students the desire to know more and the joy of accomplishment.

Teachers, you may not get the specific feedback in your day-to-day job that tells you of the difference you make, the hearts you have healed and the futures you have shaped, but that’s what you achieve. Each and every day.

That’s impressive work; stay fabulous!

Thank you, and Hats off, to teachers.

Angela Falkenberg (APPA President)

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