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Coaching with bts spark

We know that your soft skills can make all the difference to your effectiveness as a leader – being able to engage your team, give feedback, develop their capability, and feel confident in your approach to leadership. So, APPA has partnered with educational leadership coaches from bts spark to offer a suite of coaching programs specially designed to develop your soft leadership skills, whether you are a new or established Principal, a Deputy or Assistant Principal, a team leader or an aspiring leader.

APPA Brochure – coaching for primary school leaders

Established Principals

This program gives you the chance to refresh and develop your leadership through working with a professional leadership coach.

New Principals

This program supports newly appointed Principals to make a successful transition into their new school, make sense of their new context and establish themselves with colleagues.

Deputy / Assistant Principals

This coaching journey supports Deputy Principals and Assistant Principals to be at their most effective, influence others and hold their authority.

Team Leader Coaching

This program is designed to help team leaders to engage, motivate and involve their teams..

Aspiring Leader Coaching

This program is for teachers interested in exploring people leadership. You will gain new insights into yourself as a leader and learn how to be confident and effective in a first leadership role

Coaching is professional development at its most personal and relevant. You will be matched with a top quality professional coach who is passionate about supporting you to make the changes you want. You can expect them to quickly understand your context and to be someone you can talk to openly about sensitive and difficult issues.

Most primary school leaders we work with are time poor. They want professional development that is targeted to their needs. They don’t want the disruption and expense of leaving their school to attend a training day. Coaching offers an alternative on-the-job learning experience, where you can schedule your virtual coaching sessions at times to suit you and apply your learning immediately on the job.

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You can enrol and start coaching at any time, whether you are an individual or a group.