APPA Conferences

The APPA National Conference is an annual event, bringing together primary school principals and school leaders from across the country and overseas.  Each national conference is jointly organised and managed by the three sector principals’ associations in the respective state or territory where the conference is being held.

APPA National Conferences are a great way to meet colleagues, be challenged in your thinking around ‘big picture’ perspectives, and build your leadership skills and talents.

The 2022 APPA National Conference will be held in Sydney from 1-4 November, 2022.

The 2023 APPA National Conference will be held in Hobart from 30 July-2 August, 2023.

What people say about APPA conferences

High calibre speakers with relevant and practical information.

Fantastic key note speakers

It was relevant to my daily work and could be easily taken away and used

Sponsor contact and gaining knowledge of their industries.

The conference was well coordinated and the depth of presenters complimented this. The knowledge transfer and learning was challenging and affirming and allowed you to engage and draw from this learning into my own context as a Principal and with those whom I work with.

All the speakers plus sitting with another Principal from my partnership so was able to work through the group activities with authentic issues we both understood.

Networking is always valuable and enjoyable, the sponsors were helpful with some new products which I may use, and several presentations gave useful information.

The concurrent sessions I selected had powerful messages injected with humour and with a smaller audience had a more meaningful engagement