Life Members

About APPA Life Membership

Recipients of APPA Life Membership have contributed to primary school education, school leadership and the Australian Primary Principals Association in a significant and enduring way.

Examples of this contribution:

  • Holding and voicing the strong conviction that all primary schools have the people and resources necessary for every child to reach his or her potential
  • Effectively leading their respective associations and building the capacity of APPA at a national level;
  • Providing expert and considered advice in the development of APPA policy, projects and submissions;
  • Voicing a passion for improving the status of principalship and building the capacity of primary school principals;
  • Representing APPA and clearly voicing the association’s position on a range of issues at national forums, conferences and meetings;
  • Contributing to the collaborative and cooperative framework under which APPA operates each year; and,
  • Contributing to the success of APPA Annual Conferences and Forums, and the Trans-Tasman Conferences.

About ‘Hero of Primary Education’ AwardThis award is presented in acknowledgement of and recognition for significant research and/or outstanding professional activity, particularly in its relevance to Primary education, and in the context that the award of APPA Life Membership was not available to the nominee/s.

Life Membership Honour Roll
Name State / Territory Year
Anthony McGruther Queensland 2009
Barry McConville New South Wales 1995
Brad Gaynor Australian Capital Territory 2022
Brian Pocock South Australia 1997
Chris Cameron Australian Capital Territory 1999
Chris Robarts Victoria 2006
Colin Pettit Western Australia 2008
Colleen Breheney Tasmania 2001
Dave Edwards South Australia 2016
David Bishop New South Wales 1998
Dennis Yarrington Australian Capital Territory 2021
Dr Roderick Crouch Queensland 2008
Elizabeth Moroney Australian Capital Territory 2002
Erroll Robinson South Australia 1994
Frank Hennessy Queensland 1995
Gabrielle Leigh Victoria 2016
Gary McClean Victoria 1995
Gary Rodgers Victoria 1994
Geoff Scott New South Wales 2014
Geoffrey Gapper South Australia 1997
Graeme Feeney New South Wales 2021
Graham Cowell Western Australia 1995
Ian Anderson Western Australia 2022
Janet Purcell Western Australia 1996
Janet Wilmot Western Australia 2011
Janice Szmal Victoria 2002
Jenny Leeson Australian Capital Territory 1998
Joan North Victoria 1999
John Bugg Victoria 1995
John Turner Victoria 2000
John Willett Western Australia 1995
Julie Biles Australian Capital Territory 1995
Kathy Campbell New South Wales 1998
Ken Hedley Western Australia 1999
Leonie Drew Western Australia 1997
Leonie Trimper South Australia 2011
Leslie Bishop Tasmania 1994
Marilyn Gilberston South Australia 1996
Mark Mowbray New South Wales 2021
Maureen Stephenson New South Wales 1998
Michael Nuttall Australian Capital Territory 2021
Mike Berson Western Australia 1995
Neil Mason South Australia 1994
Nigel Bentley Tasmania 1994
Norm Hart Queensland 2016
Patrick (Jim) Smith Western Australia 1997
Patrick McGrath Australian Capital Territory 2009
Paul Aldred Western Austalia 1996
Paul Cazzulino Queensland 2002
Peter Paul Victoria 1996
Peter Radford Tasmania 1995
Phillip Seymour New South Wales 2021
Richard Wyatt Tasmania 1996
Robert Hoff South Australia 2014
Ronald Sandeman Australian Capital Territory 1994
Ros Oates South Australia 2022
Rosalie Ramsay New South Wales 2002
Sally Ruston New South Wales 2016
Sean Gordon Queensland 2004
Shane Baker Western Australia 1998
Stephen Breen Western Australia 2016
Stephen Portlock South Australia 2014
Tim Emery Western Australia 2012
Tom Croker New South Wales 1997
Tony Misich Western Australia 1997
Vicki Simmonds Victoria 2002
‘Hero of Primary Education’ Awardees
Emeritus Professor Max Angus Western Australia 2007
Harriet Olney Western Australia 2007
Professor Phil Riley Victoria 2021